Episode not-quite-28? – Quaranteam 5: A Good Day To Quarantine Harder

March 5, 2021

An American, a Canadian and a Brit stay at home. For a year?! It’s coming up to the first anniversary of the start..

An American, a Canadian and a Brit stay at home. For a year?!

It’s coming up to the first anniversary of the start of the pandemic for many of us, so this seemed as good a time as any to see how we are all holding up, answer some listener questions, and generally hang out like weirdos. Expect pirates, plant-based interventions, military rations, LOTS of singing and our usual brand of random.

WARNING – this show contains spoilers for Wandavision and Wonder Woman 84, so please tread carefully if you have not seen either of these shows!

If you would like to see the magic of British democracy in action, here are Jackie Weaver and Handforth Parish Council in all their, um, glory?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWh_oguYZvc

Grab your glowsticks and join in the dancing with Mufasa: https://youtu.be/1AnG04qnLqI

If you want to see Sarah try the joys of international cuisine drop us a line and she’ll get to “cooking” – this will make more sense when you’ve listened to the episode!

Sarah has finally finished watching Dispatches From Elsewhere so don’t let the fact that there is another Quaranteam update confuse you, we really are going to do a show on it… Honest!

As we always say on the show if you need to get in touch please do, you can reach us on social media, via the links on the home page, or via email. We are always here to support you, whether you need to vent, need a sympathetic ear or just fancy someone different to talk to.

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