New Comics Day 1st January 2020 – The best books of the year! (so far)

Cover to the comic book Hawkeye: Freefall #1

Okay so now I’ve made the bad Dad joke, lets take a look at what the new releases shelves will hold this week…


Cover to the trade paperback Birds of Prey: Huntress
Tula Lotay here, absolutely killing it on this Huntress cover

On the DC side of things, Superman Giant #1 (Robert Venditti, Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy) featuring a new tale of the Man of Steel and three reprints of older stories. In Injustice vs The Masters of the Universe (Tim Seeley, Freddie Williams II) Batman recruits He-Man in the fight against Superman’s dictatorship on Earth! Bird of Prey: Huntress TP (Greg Rucka, Rick Burchett, Terry Beatty) collects together Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood #1-6, in which Huntress has to avoid the GCPD whilst being framed for murder.

In the trade collection of Batman: Gotham Knights: Transference (Devin Grayson, Jen Van Meter, Dale Eaglesham, Paul Ryan, Roger Robinson, Koi Turnbull, John Floyd, John Lowe) sees the Caped Crusader team up with Oracle, Nightwing and Robin to solve a horrifying crime, and from DC Vertigo there is Absolute Death HC (Neil Gaiman, Chris Bachalo, David B., Dave McKean) collecting all the tales of Morpheus big sister.

Cover to the comic book Absolute Death
None more goth

For teen DC readers there is Wonder Woman: Warbringer (Leigh Bardugo, Louise Simonson, Kit Seaton) is the tale of Princess Diana and fellow runaway Alia Keralis, a descendant of Helen of Troy, who between them must face an army of enemies to stop the Warbringer falling into the wrong hands, and for younger readers there is Diana: Princess of the Amazons (Dean Hale, Shannon Hale, Victoria Ying), in which the young Princess gets in trouble for not living up to the standards of her family of extended “aunties” on Themyscira


Cover to the comic book Thor #1
It’s a Jen Bartel cover. Obvs.

Marvel are coming out swinging with Thor (Donny Cates, Nic Klein), as a new team take on the Nine Realms, and speaking of new beginnings in Hawkeye: Freefall (Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt) someone is wearing Clint’s old suit and styling themselves as Ronin, and that puts them on a direct crash course that only one of them will come out of alive…!

There is also Avengers / Defenders: Tarot #1 (Alan Davis, Paul Renaud); Captain America and Namor have to team up to take on a labyrinth of pain, destruction and madness courtesy of the Infernal Ichor of Ish’lzog!

Cover to the comic book Avengers / Defender: Tarot #1
I cannot get over how beautiful this Paul Renaud cover is – plus he’s on interior art!

If you’re looking for a longer Marvel read there is Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Full Moon TP (Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder), in which our titualr heroes takes on… Girl Moon and Dinosaur Devil?! New Mutants: Epic Collection – The Demon Bear Saga TP (Chris Claremont, Sal Buscema, more) in which Majik and Magma try to rescue Kitty Pride from the grasp of Emma Frost! In Miles Morales: Spider-Man – Bring on the Bad Guys (Saladin Ahmed, Tom Taylor, Alitha Martinez, more) his friends and family have to take a look at Miles’ life and might not like what they see, and Legends of Marvel: The Sensational Spider-Man – Self-Improvement (Peter David, Rick Leonardi, more) collecting a selection of spidey-stories in one 80th anniversary special edition.

Felicia Hardy is back, in Black Cat: Grand Theft Marvel (Jed MacKay, Nao Fuji, Travel Foreman, more) the first volume of the on-going series that here sees the erstwhile thief on the run from the New York Thieves Guild. Marvels biggest release this week in physical terms is Black Bolt HC (Saladin Ahmed, Frazer Irving, Stephanie Hans, Christian Ward), which collects all 12 issues of the stunningly beautiful series in one epic tome, that find the King of the Inhumans in space jail!

Cover to the trade paperback Black Cat: Grand Theft Marvel
Felicia really needs to trims those nails…

For a loooong read there is Marvel Vault of Heroes: Hulk Biggest and Best (Paul Benjamin,David Nakayama, Juan Santacruz, Gary Martin, Mario Gully, Scott Koblish, Raul Fernandez, Steve Scott, Nathan Massengill, Terry Pallot) which collects a selection of tales for younger readers, as Bruce Banner takes on a selection of classic heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe.

From a galaxy far, far away there is Star Wars #1 (Charles Soule, Jesus Saiz) which features appearances from all your favourites including Leia, Lando and Luke! Speaking of other comics universes, there is Conan Chronicles: Epic Collection – The Battle of Shamla Pass (Timothy Truman, Tomas Giorello) in which the barbarian hero tries a new life as a mercenary.


James Bond: Life and Let Die HC (Van Jensen, Ian Fleming, Kewber Baal) sees 007 headed to New York City to take on Mr Big, with the help of Felix Leiter and friends. Then there is Transformers: The IDW Collection: Phase 2: Volume 10 (Mairghread Scott, John Barber, Nick Roche, Corin Howell, Andrew Griffith), which collects issues #44-45 of The Transformers series, issues #45-49 of More Than Meets The Eye, issues #6-7 of Windblade Vol. 2, the Sins of the Wreckers mini-series, the Combiner Hunters one-shot, and the Holiday Special.

If you fancy reading the life story of The King, there is The Mighty Elvis: A Graphic Biography (Seymour Chwast, Steven Brower, Seymour Chwast) which covers his life from childhood, through fame and all the way to his tragic end. Or there is I Can Sell You A Body (Ryan Ferrier, George Kambadais), an OGN about a TV psychic who can put your dead soul into a new, living, body!

Cover to the trade paperback Tomb Raider: Omnibus vol 2
Lara Croft, raiding tombs. Standard.

Tomb Raider Omnibus: Volume 2 TP (Gail Simone, Rhianna Pratchett, Derlis Santacruz, Nicolas Daniel Selma, Andrea Mutti, Juan Gedeon, Pierluigi Baldassini, Andy Owens) sees Lara Croft take on a world of adventures in over 480 pages of comics goodness! Plus the heroes of Spire City are back in Black Hammer: Age of Doom Part 2 (Jeff Lemire, Rich Tommaso, Dave Stewart (A/CA) Dean Ormston) as they try to get the team back together having found out the reason behind their perilous situation! 

Doll Island TP (Mira Mortal, D.N.S) is an homage to the slasher movies of the 1980’s, as a group of teenage friends investigate a mysterious island with dolls nailed to the trunks of trees. Sticking with the horror theme, Dr Mesmers Revenge TP (Don Avenell, Carlos Cruz) is classic British comics in the vein of Hammer Horror, as an Egyptologist revives a long-dead Pharaoh to reclaim artifacts stolen from his home, and Classic Pulp Horror (Various) is a one shot collecting three classic stories restored to their original full colour glory.

Cover to the trade paperback Black Hammer: Age of Doom vol. 2
Just hanging out on the farm…

For younger readers this week, there is Drew and Jot: Dueling Doodles (Art Baltazar) which is the first of three new books from the creator of Dog Man, in which a young boy’s creations come to life from the pages of his sketchbook! Plus Scrooge McDuck and family are back with a new adventure in DuckTales: Faires and Scares #1 (Steve Behling, Luca Usai, Gianfranco Florio), with Launchpad acting stranger than usual as they head off on adventures.

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