October 11, 2019

Three Americans, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies of Valhalla...

Three Americans, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies of Valhalla.

In this special episode – and a change to the planned topic – the Ladies are joined by two very special guests; author A. S. King and comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, to talk about King’s surrealist young adult novel, I Crawl Through It.

This episode contains spoilers for the book, topics that some listeners may find upsetting, and a lot of swearing – you have been warned! Oh, and A.S. King slams a brand new poem, never seen or heard before. Everyone else loses their minds.

Next month, as previously promised, the ladies will be looking at the recent movie adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time, based on the book by Madeline L’Engel. They will also be releasing a special mini-episode to coincide with Halloween, to give you some family-friendly suggestions for spooky entertainment.

You can find out more about the work of A.S. King on her website, https://www.as-king.com/  Her new novel, DIG, is due for release on 26th March 2019. You can pre-order DIG from A.S. King’s local independent bookshop for a 15% discount and a swell surprise for pre-orders https://www.aaronsbooks.com/book/9781101994917 It can also be pre-ordered from all good independent bookshops. Or chain stores / online retailers, if you don’t have a local independent bookshop. Find her on twitter, @as_king or Instagram, @as_king_

The Milkfed Criminal Masterminds website, https://milkfed.us/ is where you can find out more about Kelly Sue DeConnick, her current, and upcoming work, and sign up for #bgstlist Trust us, you want to… You can find Kelly Sue on twitter, @kellysue or Instagram, @kellysued

Ladies of Valhalla is hosted by Sarah Miles, Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh and Jessica Garris-Schaeffer, and is a monthly look at media from female-identifying creators, or featuring female-identifying characters. You can find the hosts on Twitter (@ValhallaLadies) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/ValhallaLadies) or email them at ladiesofvalhalla@gmail.com

The Ladies of Valhalla logo was created by Jessica Garris-Schaeffer jschaeffer.design .

‘The Valhallan’, the theme music for Ladies of Valhalla, was created by SuperbadLarry (@SuperbadLarry on Twitter)

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